News Day – Dealing with End of Life Equipment

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News Day – Dealing with End of Life Equipment

September 8, 2020

News Day – Dealing with End of Life Equipment

September 8, 2020: It’s Tuesday News Day. Hospital margins could sink to negative 7% this year. Walmart Health expands into Florida and Illinois. Amazon Fresh opens up their first grocery store. We explore voice assistant technology and VDI environments. And dig into the issue of having too much end of life equipment which brings significant security and business continuity risks. How do we solve this emergency? Do we throw money at it? Is it a stop gap solution or a long term fix?

Key Points:

  • Send your feedback on our podcast – [00:05:05] 
  • Navigating the RPA landscape in healthcare [00:10:50]
  • Is your maintenance budget starved? It MUST be addressed. [00:16:15]
  • Every dollar spent in healthcare IT should return a percentage of that money to the organization today and into the future  [00:18:30]
  • Why VDI was the next logical step [00:20:00]
  • Eliminate that parts room! [00:20:40]
  • The end of life problem has multiple solutions. Some are better than others. It depends on your lens. [00:22:25]

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