Making Digital Health Gains Last with Accenture Health

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Making Digital Health Gains Last with Accenture Health

October 7, 2020

Making Digital Health Gains Last with Accenture Health

October 7, 2020: How can healthcare leaders make recent gains in digital health long lasting? Dr. Kaveh Safavi and Brian Kalis with Accenture join us to share research they did pre and post COVID, right through the lens of the consumer. What do their findings show? Will digital stick around? We know the pandemic forced a surge of adoption of technology for both clinicians and consumers out of necessity, but what obstructions still remain? Do we have it figured out enough to integrate it as part of future care models? What about the financials? Workflow issues? The digital divide? Are there solutions out there? And who do they think is going to lead the way in terms of digital disruption of healthcare?

Key Points:

  • The 2020 survey was conducted to understand consumers’ wants and needs for using technology to manage their health and healthcare [00:04:05]  
  • What are we hearing about privacy and security across different demographics? [00:15:40] 
  • We need to rethink care models. How do we deliver care differently and how do we finance care differently? [00:35:20] 
  • Telehealth, chatbots, portals, online scheduling, mobile apps and wearables [00:03:25] 
  • How can we solve the digital divide? [00:32:30] 
  • Centene and Samsung to distribute smartphones for free to people of need [00:33:45] 
  • Accenture 2020 Consumer Survey

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