Leading HealthTech During a Pandemic with Sherri Douville

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Leading HealthTech During a Pandemic with Sherri Douville

August 14, 2020

Leading HealthTech During a Pandemic with Sherri Douville

Sherri Douville is the President, CEO, and Board Member for Medigram.  We take a walk through the headlines to explore topics from Leadership, Work From Home, and leveraging conferences.  Sherri shares wisdom for female leaders who aspire to the CEO role in Healthtech.  


  • How did you get to be CEO of a Health Tech startup?  
  • Talk about the evolution of a startup.  

Mentoring a new health tech startup.

  • Obstacles or mistakes you want to avoid?

Mentoring an aspiring female leader who would like to be a Health Tech CEO

  • A woman who is not CEO yet, how can they prepare?
  • A woman getting ready to take on their first CEO role, what do you wish someone had told you?

The News

  • No HIMSS this year.  How do you think that impacts startups and what can they do to keep the momentum going?
  • 21st Century Cures: Patient directed access to the complete medical record in an open data standard with no special effort.  What you are seeing and what you are hearing in the innovation community?
  • Work from home: How do you balance productivity and culture in a firm that does predominantly work from home vs mostly onsite?  

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