Leading Digital Health with Starbridge Advisors

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Leading Digital Health with Starbridge Advisors

October 28, 2020

Leading Digital Health with Starbridge Advisors

October 28, 2020: Starbridge Advisors is a health IT advisory firm. Today Sue Schade and David Muntz are here to offer leadership coaching advice. What's the number one thing they’re communicating to their clients right now? It's all about relationships. And focus, focus, focus. What do you need to do as a leader to be successful with your cloud strategy? With security? With digital health and analytics? What about your enterprise data strategy? Budget constraints are huge right now but don’t ignore the revenue opportunities that exist out there and new ways to deliver care. Telehealth is a great example. And what about politics? If you hate politics you're not going to be a successful CIO. The idea is to make sure you are seen as the peacemaker and figure out how to get people to do the things they don't want to do. And that takes a lot of finesse.

Key Points:

  • There are so many opportunities to be a hero. IT has done things we’ve never seen done before. Things that have never been imagined. [00:07:25] 
  • Focus on taking advantage of the political capital you've built to create your future roadmap [00:08:10]
  • One of the things we have to talk about, as we develop this new broader future is change management [00:14:20]
  • Getting things done has to do with focus. It has to do with quick decision-making and painful decision making [00:29:10] 
  • If you want to be seen as a business leader you should think about outsourcing [00:35:40] 
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