Interview in Action @ HLTH ’23 – Glen Tullman, CEO, Transcarent

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Interview in Action @ HLTH ’23 – Glen Tullman, CEO, Transcarent

October 30, 2023

Interview in Action @ HLTH ’23 – Glen Tullman, CEO, Transcarent

October 30: Today on the Conference channel, it’s an Interview in Action live from HLTH with Glen Tullman, CEO at Transcarent. What difference could it make when health providers are paid in a seamless manner upon delivering care? How might it transform our perception of healthcare if we had instant access to top-quality providers within the palm of our hand? At the center of the dialogue lies the user-friendly Transparent app, a potent resource for any health consumer, encapsulating a directory of healthcare and its associated services. The conversation also dives deep into how Transcarent works with large and mid-sized companies, promisingly filling gaps in their existing health-related solutions.

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