Finding The Next Role with Judy Kirby

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Finding The Next Role with Judy Kirby

August 21, 2020

Finding The Next Role with Judy Kirby

August 21, 2020: Kirby Partners, an executive recruiting firm, places leaders in health IT and cybersecurity. Judy Kirby, CEO shares her valuable insights. What does it take to find the role you're looking for? What has changed during the pandemic in terms of recruiting leaders? Your resume is probably the most important piece of paper you will ever own. It can open doors for you. How do you make it stand out and be noticed? Skills are the easy part. People really want to see results and forward thinking. Did you reduce turnover? Did you increase employee satisfaction? Did you encourage growth and have people get master's degrees and get promoted? Next step, how do you ace that video interview? 

Key Points:

  • First step in the recruiting process is the white paper or position brief  [00:03:50]
  • Helping organizations understand the impact the RIGHT person can have is critical [00:05:10]
  • Resume mistakes and how to fix them [00:10:10]
  • Get better responses with stories not bullet points [00:20:00] 
  • Perfect your interview elevator pitch and keep it short! [00:20:30] 
  • We are seeing more and more female CIOs and CEOs [00:31:40] 
  • In technology, what you’ve done even 5 to 10 years ago can become so irrelevant. Focus on your recent successes. [00:13:30] 
  • How can you interview well? [00:16:00]
  • It’s a crazy environment out there, a lot of people have been furloughed or lost their job or they're afraid they're going to lose their job with downsizing and mergers and acquisitions [00:24:30] 
  • Check out Kirby Partners career coaching for executives [00:34:50]

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