Field Report: Rochester Regional Health with Tony Alongi

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Field Report: Rochester Regional Health with Tony Alongi

May 4, 2020

Field Report: Rochester Regional Health with Tony Alongi

May 4, 2020: As we continue our field reports with those on frontlines around the country, today’s guest, Tony Alongi, System Director of clinical engineering at Rochester Regional, joins us to talk about how his organization is handling the crisis. In this episode, we learn about the community they serve, as well as their technical team’s structure. While there has not been an uptick in security threats as a result of COVID-19 at Rochester Regional, they have run into some other issues around ventilators and increasing ICU capacities. Tony shares more about the innovative solutions they have come up that allow doctors to better monitor patients while reducing the use and burn rate of PPE. Along with this, we also discuss the sharing ventilator network Rochester Regional is a part of. It's always great to hear different perspectives from hospitals across the nation. Be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Find out more about Rochester Regional Health and the community they serve.
  • The structure of Rochester’s technical team and how they handle clinical engineering.
  • At Rochester, COVID-19 has not brought about specific security threats.
  • How Rochester Regional has handled scaling while ensuring security.
  • Learn about Rochester’s ‘tele-ICU’ and other innovative COVID-related solutions.
  • How Rochester has dealt with sourcing ventilators and the network of sharing them.
  • A project Rochester Regional worked on with Xerox and Rochester Institute of Technology.

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