Field Report: HSS with CISO Vikrant Arora

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Field Report: HSS with CISO Vikrant Arora

April 26, 2020

Field Report: HSS with CISO Vikrant Arora

April 26: 2020: So many systems and hospitals across the country have adjusted to the COVID crisis, and one of the most phenomenal adaptations has been the Hospital for Special Surgeries in New York. As a dedicated orthopedics and rheumatology healthcare facility, the hospital has nimbly pivoted to cater to COVID patients, canceling all elective surgery. Today’s guest, Vikrant Arora, CISO at HSS, joins us to share some of the security-related challenges the institution has faced. In this episode, Vikrant gives an overview of the four areas where there has been increased threatening activity. From spikes in phishing to uptick in onboarding vendors without all the checks and balances given the supply chain challenges that they have, there are various challenges they face daily. Vikrant shares some of the strategies that they have used to overcome these potential threats. Ultimately, it comes down to the strong foundational systems, principles, and cohesive leadership at the hospital. Along with this, Vikrant also shares some best practices, the importance of cyber hygiene, and what’s inspired him most during this crisis. Be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Learn about HSS, the work they do and how they’ve adapted their services to the pandemic.
  • The four areas where there has been an increase in threatening activities.
  • How HSS’s security is dealing with bringing on new vendors while remaining secure.
  • Why having good foundational systems and strong cyber hygiene practices has helped HSS.
  • Understanding the full spectrum of challenges that come with remote working.
  • Three strategies HSS’s security team has used to increase protection.
  • Find out how having a dedicated COVID-related manager has helped HSS.

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