Establishing an AI Maturity Framework with Trace3

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Establishing an AI Maturity Framework with Trace3

May 12, 2021

Establishing an AI Maturity Framework with Trace3

May 12, 2021: AI is what’s going to separate healthcare organizations in the next 5 to 10 years. If you're leveraging data in a meaningful way then you're going to make a much larger impact. Matt Fornito, Head of Artificial Intelligence at Trace3 is breaking the innovation curve by educating and leading with game-changing technologies and systems. What can be done to make doctors, nurses and healthcare workers lives easier and how do we improve patient care in the process? Augmentation through AI will reduce costs, reduce the number of treatments and get patients in and out the door, faster and happier. How do you set up an organization for success in AI? What core technologies do you need to have in place? Is there governance to help suss out bias and ethical issues? Who are the key players that have taken the lead in the AI technology space? 

Key Points:

  • Industrial organizational psychology [00:04:15] 
  • A CIO is less about technology and more about change management. Really moving an organization from point A to point B. [00:04:30] 
  • Is there a business problem? And is there data that can help answer that business problem? If that's the case, then AI can help solve it. [00:06:00] 
  • There’s 3 main types of use cases – prediction, classification and clusters [00:08:40] 
  • In all the analyses I've seen and done the value of every dollar invested in AI is conservatively 5 to 10 X and up to 30 X for every dollar spent [00:18:35] 
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