Director Rich Birhanzel: In the Metaverse of Madness

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Director Rich Birhanzel: In the Metaverse of Madness

July 15, 2022

Director Rich Birhanzel: In the Metaverse of Madness

July 15, 2022: Rich Birhanzel, Global Health Lead at Accenture. The Accenture Technology Vision 2022 is hot off the presses. It reveals that the “Metaverse Continuum”— a spectrum of digitally enhanced worlds, realities and business models—is redefining how the world works, operates and interacts. We see businesses racing toward a future that is very different from the one in which they were designed to operate, while technologies, such as extended reality, blockchain and edge computing, are converging to reshape human experiences. So how do we make the leap and take the lead in the metaverse? 

Key Points:

  • We are now starting to see some experimentation and early use cases around Metaverse
  • Something we’ve been after in healthcare for a long time, is the ability of the individual to own his or her data
  • It’s really important to have a data architecture across the enterprise that defines who people are
  • Internet of Ownership is such an interesting and important concept 
  • We have a clinical capacity issue globally
  • Metaverse continuum set to redefine how the world operates – Accenture
  • Accenture

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