Deep Dive into SD-WAN with Steward Health

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Deep Dive into SD-WAN with Steward Health

August 12, 2020

Deep Dive into SD-WAN with Steward Health

August 12, 2020: When COVID hit we had a significant change in the make-up of the network. The center of gravity shifted and much of the traffic that used to be housed within the four walls of the health system moved outside. This was accelerated during COVID but it was already a trend we anticipated with home-based care ramping up and more IoT devices taking off. Today Mike Champa, Steward Health, David Teixeira, Tornova and Craig Connors,  VMware help with the question we want to answer “Does the old fixed network provide us with the right architecture to remain agile and flexible in this fast-moving environment that now defines healthcare?

Key Points:

  • SD-WANS are one of the hottest things that people are talking about [00:02:39]
  • Lower the costs, improve agility, reduce complexity and increase performance [00:07:33] 
  • Converting from a hardware based processing of packets to a software based processing of packets [00:11:29]
  • Simplify network management through the cloud [00:11:49] 

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