Building EHR User Satisfaction with Amy Maneker

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Building EHR User Satisfaction with Amy Maneker

September 25, 2020

Building EHR User Satisfaction with Amy Maneker

September 25, 2020: Some topics are worth coming back to over and over again because they are front and center for anyone in health IT. And one of those is EHR user satisfaction. Dr. Amy Maneker, an experienced CMIO, who among other roles, serves as Physician Executive Advisor to the Arch Collaborative at KLAS, addresses the topics of EHR user satisfaction, clinical informatics, governance as well as user ownership and engagement, with physician burnout as the backdrop. What are the key components associated with user satisfaction as revealed by the Arch Collaborative data? What are some of the best practices around personalization? What about training? Is the CMIO role distinct or different at each organization? What critical areas should they be focusing on? Discover where we have seen significant progress in the areas of experience and satisfaction among clinicians.

Key Points:

  • The wild lack of transparency during COVID [00:07:40] 
  • The huge topic of physician burnout [00:10:15] 
  • Ownership and engagement [00:10:45] 
  • Arch Collaborative [00:12:55] 
  • Some CMIOs are focused on the EMR, others have a heavy focus on analytics and informatics [00:26:15] 
  • Information blocking related to the 21st Century Cures Act [00:36:55]

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