Bringing Behavioral Health to Primary Care with CommonSpirit

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Bringing Behavioral Health to Primary Care with CommonSpirit

November 4, 2020

Bringing Behavioral Health to Primary Care with CommonSpirit

November 4, 2020: There are more and more patients with mental health issues and the lack of access to quality behavioral health services can be frustrating. Today we explore the intersection between primary care and behavioural health. For a very long time healthcare has separated the two. Christine Brocato of CommonSpirit and Spencer Hutchins of Concert Health share their elegant solution. It’s called the collaborative care model. How do we get patients access to quality care more quickly? How do we lighten the load of the primary care physician? What are the codes? How does this get funded? And what are the projected results?

Key Points:

  • Concert Health is aiming to build America's largest and best behavioral health medical group. The vast majority are counselors and psychiatrists that work from home. [00:06:25] 
  • Projected results include a reduction in mild to moderate depression and anxiety, a reduction or improvement in clinical outcomes. And a reduction in ED and inpatient visits, all contributing to a reduction in cost of care. [00:12:40] 
  • Assembling your three person team: Primary Care Manager, Behavioral Care Manager and Site Consultant [00:16:25] 
  • The collaborative care model can be done incredibly effectively over the phone [00:22:55] 
  • For the primary care physician there needs to be a single source of truth [00:23:45] 
  • CommonSpirit Health Expands Behavioral Health Support through Primary Care Collaboration in Partnership with Concert Health

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