Atmosphere – State of Healthcare

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Atmosphere – State of Healthcare

July 15, 2020

Atmosphere – State of Healthcare

July 15, 2020: Today viewers get an exclusive front row seat to Bill Russell’s Aruba Atmosphere Digital Conference talk on the state of healthcare. What have been the most dramatic major changes? From COVID to work from home, from the phenomenal implementation of increased bandwidth to what this means from an  architecture standpoint. The huge impact of elective surgery reduction, the financial crisis and the various degrees of telehealth success. Don’t miss this unique episode where you will get a glimpse into a brilliant healthcare mind. 

Key Points:

  • The 21st Century Cures Act [00:08:30] 
  • What is the quadruple aim? [00:09:05]  
  • The MacGyvering of healthcare [00:10:25] 
  • Why home based care is one of the most exciting frontiers [00:11:30] 
  • Best Buy’s healthcare strategy [00:12:00] 
  • The impact of the financial crisis on healthcare [00:15:50] 
  • The silver linings of the current crisis [00:16:45] 
  • A concerted effort MUST be made to improve broadband hence significantly improving healthcare [00:19:15]
  • How phishing scams multiplied during COVID [00:20:55] 
  • The danger of sharing computers at home [00:23:40]
  • The emergence of the eICU and how it saves thousands of dollars [00:29:05]

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