A Digital Consumer Platform with Tressa Springmann

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A Digital Consumer Platform with Tressa Springmann

August 26, 2020

A Digital Consumer Platform with Tressa Springmann

August 26, 2020: The pandemic created significant challenges for healthcare. We had to develop so many new things. So many new muscles, new strategies and approaches. Today Tressa Springmann, SVP and CIO for LifeBridge Health walks us through the silver linings and those things that will go with us into the future and change healthcare forever. Creating a uniform experience for the consumer across multiple platforms. Difficult conversations with outdated vendors. Leadership skills. Replicating office culture and productivity virtually. Telehealth, chatbots, remote patient monitoring. What are the priorities going into 2021? What further investments should be made? 

Key Points:

  • Telehealth ironically hasn't been about the technology, it's been around the reimbursement environment [00:05:25]
  • How do you maintain culture and productivity virtually? [00:08:10] 
  • Ongoing reassurance and reconnection from leadership team members is essential [00:11:25]
  • Successful leadership methodologies [00:11:35] 
  • Harvard Business Review article: Finding the Platform in Your Product [00:18:40] 
  • Focus on operating efficiency, creating a better experience on both the clinician and patient side [00:32:05]
  • Change management and capitalizing on innovation [00:32:35]

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