A CIO & CTO Discuss Current Healthcare Challenges

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A CIO & CTO Discuss Current Healthcare Challenges

July 24, 2020

A CIO & CTO Discuss Current Healthcare Challenges

July 24, 2020: Join our role play today with Bill as CIO and our guest Charles Boicey as CTO. Together they’ll go through the hottest issues in healthcare right now. Will they give away all their secrets? What will HHS do with our data that is different to what the CDC did? What did the CDC do wrong? With significant cuts in revenue, how can CIO’s do more with less? What should we consider when outsourcing overseas? Bill and Charles also look at cloud strategy from an R and D perspective, a data science perspective and a research perspective.

Key Points:

  • HHS versus CDC reporting [00:04:30] 
  • Refining the architecture of current systems to save money [00:10:00] 
  • Renegotiating contracts with vendors [00:12:10] 
  • What are some things we can do in data center ops? [00:13:10] 
  • Hyperconverged infrastructure  [00:13:30] 
  • Future proofing [00:14:50]
  • What is a good cloud strategy? [00:20:30] 
  • The  21st Century Cures Act [00:25:30] 

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