Unwritten Rules with Kati Kleber

The WoMed

Unwritten Rules with Kati Kleber

Author, podcaster, content creator, and OG nurse blogger, Kati Kelber, sits down with The WoMed to discuss the unwritten rules of medicine, how to be OK with not knowing all…
August 26, 2019
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Unwritten Rules with Kati Kleber

On today’s episode of The WoMed, Kati Kleber (, @kati_kleber) joins D and Dani to discuss her journey through medicine, and how her books, courses, and podcast help newbies in the nursing field master the learning curve, create boundaries, and care for themselves. As a new nurse and one who changed paths throughout her career, Kati wished there was a resource that could answer all the questions new nurses were asking. Recognizing a need for further nursing education, Kati released four books and courses that would help nurses like her find the answers they were looking for. Kati and the hosts take on the important topics of worst-case scenario thinking, healthy boundaries, and self-compassion. The WoMed ask a bonus Lubrication Question that reveals which steamy book turned Netflix series some of the ladies have been binging.

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