The Doula DL with Liz Presta

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The Doula DL with Liz Presta

What exactly is a doula and what is the role they serve for mothers-to-be? Liz Presta (@esandoz, @miraculousmamas) joins The WoMed today to answer these questions and many more!
July 15, 2019

The Doula DL with Liz Presta

Today, Elizabeth “Liz” Presta (@esandoz, @miraculousmamas) joins The WoMed to discuss all things about doulas. What exactly is a doula, what role do they serve for soon-to-be mamas, and what does it take to become one? Liz explains the three main jobs a doula is tasked with: education, emotional support, and physical support, and why anyone can benefit from having a doula as part of their birthing process. Liz also answers what it means for a doula to advocate for a new mother, and how expectant mothers can best advocate for themselves. D, Dani, and Liz share the weirdest purchases they’ve made on Amazon (you’re going to want to hear this…) and their empowering moments of the week, including Liz’s big leap of faith.

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