Q&A with D&D

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Q&A with D&D

Today, D and Dani are answering your questions! They’re taking on everything from the best ways to stand out as a recent grad and how to prevent burnout to their…
September 16, 2019
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Q&A with D&D

D and Dani are answering the listener questions you submitted through their Instagram stories, from the serious topics you want their advice on to D’s highly recommended matcha latte recipe. They open up with a musical Lubrication Question that results in two very different but equally compelling answers. The WoMed discuss how to best prepare for the NCLEX, the biggest changes they would make to our healthcare system, and their favorite types of patients to care for. The hosts also give advice on how to work in the healthcare field when dealing with heartbreak and their favorite ways to decompress and avoid burnout. Their dream podcast guest is someone you’re definitely familiar with, whether you hate or love to watch her videos!

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