New Grad Life with Nurse Sarah

The WoMed

New Grad Life with Nurse Sarah

Today on The WoMed, Nurse Sarah joins D and Dani to discuss her first year as a bedside nurse, getting ahead of burnout, and staying prepared for anything that may…
October 7, 2019

New Grad Life with Nurse Sarah

Today on The WoMed, D and Dani are joined by Nurse Sarah (@shesinscrubs) who is celebrating her anniNURSEary this very week! Transitioning from a new grad to a bedside nurse can end a career just as fast as it started, and Sarah discusses how seeking out preemptive therapy helped her to develop the coping skills she needed to get through her first year of nursing. Inspired one of our favorite WoMed (that’s you, Dani!), Sarah created an Instagram account centered on sharing memes and mental health posts to help both new and seasoned nurses build a community and share their stories. Sarah discusses the benefits of a new grad orientation program, how best to cope with nurses who don’t want to see you succeed, and her biggest pieces of advice for new nurses.

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