Getting Explicit with Katie Duke, Pt 1

The WoMed

Getting Explicit with Katie Duke, Pt 1

Today, Katie Duke joins D and Dani to get real about what it means to have a social media presence in the healthcare field, lessons learned from losing a job,…
September 2, 2019
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Getting Explicit with Katie Duke, Pt 1

Katie Duke (@thekatieduke), social media influencer, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker sits down with the WoMed to discuss her journey in the medical field thus far. You may recognize Katie’s name, attitude, and personality from her time on NY Med, a docuseries that followed Katie as she worked as an ER Nurse in New York City. While on the series, Katie began to build a presence through social media at a time when people were just getting familiar with some of today’s most popular platforms. Her powerful online presence led her to quickly build a following, but also eventually led to her termination from her 7-year job. Katie gets honest about her constant state of anxiety that has resulted from other women in the field failing to support each other and the stress that stays with her from her experience getting fired. The WoMed discuss their fears – both silly and valid – and how bad decisions and unfortunate situations can actually lead to the greatest success. Tune in next Monday for Part 2!

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