Big Boss Energy with Dr. Leah Roberts

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Big Boss Energy with Dr. Leah Roberts

Today, D and Dani talk to Dr. Leah Roberts about her past and current roles ranging from personal trainer and nutritionist, commissioned officer in the US Army Reserve, to her…
August 5, 2019
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Big Boss Energy with Dr. Leah Roberts

On this episode of The WoMed, D and Dani speak with Dr. Leah Roberts (@leahrobertsmd) about the journey that led her to ultimately specialize in emergency medicine, as well as her passion for nutrition and personal fitness. Prior to entering the medical field, Leah worked as a nutritionist and personal trainer, and she definitely hasn’t lost her love for fitness as she has competed nine times in the Ironman Triathlon and three times in the Olympics. Dr. Leah opens up about the role gender plays when it comes to medicine and how her initial “Plan A” led her to her current role as both an emergency room doctor and an online primary care physician with SteadyMD. The WoMed discuss how gender and politics still influence the medical field, their must-have comfort foods after a tough shift, and powerful moments from working in medicine.

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