#261: How to Build an Effective Relationship with your One-Up

The TRU Leader Podcast

#261: How to Build an Effective Relationship with your One-Up

Tracy and Michelle’s conversation in this episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone looking to enhance their workplace relationships. The discussion emphasized the need to build an effective…
July 10, 2024

#261: How to Build an Effective Relationship with your One-Up

In this episode of The TRU Leader Podcast, Tracy and Michelle discuss the critical nature of maintaining effective relationships with superiors, or “one-up” relationships, drawing from personal experiences of reporting to different individuals. They underscore the importance of mutual understanding and shared purpose in these relationships to ensure smooth workflows and success. They critique and challenge common leadership norms, such as emotional restraint and maintaining professional distance, suggesting these can hinder genuine connections.

Authenticity, mutual respect, and compassion are highlighted as essential for healthy leadership and relationships. Additionally, they address the challenges some face when promoted without adequate leadership skills, emphasizing the need for continuous development and avoiding people-pleasing behaviors. Finally, the discussion touches on personal tendencies in hierarchical relationships, noting the potential pitfalls of passivity and assumptions. It stresses the importance of clear communication, seeking guidance, and understanding one’s impact to prevent misunderstandings and promote effective collaboration.

With this, Tracy and Michelle introduced the Partnership Agreement Tool which will help you enhance your relationships with your colleagues and leaders at work. DOWNLOAD IT HERE TODAY! 


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