#260: Cracking the Code: Time and Priority Management for Leaders

The TRU Leader Podcast

#260: Cracking the Code: Time and Priority Management for Leaders

This episode of The TRU Leader Podcast provides leaders with the secret to mastering time and priorities in a volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous environment. It sheds light on the…
July 3, 2024

#260: Cracking the Code: Time and Priority Management for Leaders

Tracy Christopherson and Michelle Troseth, hosts of The TRU Leader Podcast, dissect the challenges of time management in today’s volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous world. They delve into the concept of micro-stressors and their cumulative impact on feelings of overwhelm, emphasizing the role of ingrained beliefs about time in shaping emotions, behaviors, and decisions. By mastering time and priority management, individuals can conquer the illusion of time scarcity and bolster productivity, focusing on energizing tasks to minimize stress.

The discussion emphasizes the art of asking insightful questions to enhance life quality, particularly for leaders navigating work overload and professional growth pressures. It stresses the importance of finding balance between “being” and “doing,” advocating for self-care, boundary-setting, and handling leadership polarities. Practical time management strategies like proactive planning, task chunking, and optimizing peak energy times are proposed, along with a tool called the Time Mastery Worksheet to aid implementation. You can DOWNLOAD THE WORKSHEET HERE. The episode closes with a call for feedback, content sharing, and podcast subscription, fostering ongoing engagement with their audience.

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