Shift+6: Greg@Propeller Health

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Shift+6: [email protected] Health

September 24, 2020

Shift+6: [email protected] Health

I’ve known Greg Tracy since before founding Redox, connecting over civic hacking projects in Madison, Wisconsin. As the co-founder and CTO, Greg helped Propeller Health from its inception to serving patients across the globe and through its recent acquisition by ResMed (for $225M), where he now serves as the chief architect.

Greg shares the Propeller Health story, their early choice to go through FDA clearance, and how they built the business into a global brand, as well as the constant struggle to prioritize projects, no matter how large the organization. He’s always been a mentor to the up and coming developer-leaders in Madison; this conversation exemplifies this. Thanks for the great conversation Greg!

  • 1:12 Overview of Propeller Health’s product offering
  • 3:09 Greg’s background and starting Propeller
  • 8:29 Balancing speed and quality in an FDA certified domain
  • 11:57 Managing a diverse set of users and stakeholders
  • 14:29 “Suck” meetings for engineering
  • 16:59 Getting acquired by a public company
  • 23:24 Prioritizing endless wants
  • 27:19 How Slack fails product teams
  • 30:00 The best innovation in healthcare comes from those without experience

Find Greg on Twitter (@GregTracy).

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