#9 The for health with Aaron Patzer from Vital (and founder of

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#9 The for health with Aaron Patzer from Vital (and founder of

February 18, 2020

#9 The for health with Aaron Patzer from Vital (and founder of

Aaron Patzer is founder and CEO of Vital, AI-powered software for hospital emergency rooms and patients.  As an entrepreneur, Aaron has had success at a number of companies, most notably the ground-breaking – which he founded in 2006 and eventually sold to Intuit. The success of shook up the financial services industry and paved the way for other innovators, including Plaid, the platform that  enables applications to connect with users’ bank accounts (Visa acquired Plaid for $5.3 billion in 2020). Last year, Aaron launched Vital to bring a similar consumer-focused mindset to emergency rooms and hospitals.

However, as you’ll hear in this fascinating conversation between Aaron and Niko Skievaski, creating “a for the healthcare industry” is not an easy task. There are significant differences and obstacles to be addressed. But these two innovators are confident that transformation is coming. Listen on…Here are some of the leading topics.

02:31 – How came to be

10:40 – Why isn’t there a yet for healthcare?

17:02 – Applying the lessons learned at to healthcare

23:10 – What is “adversarial interoperability?”

26:43 – A bit about Vital

37:08 – Enabling providers with the right information at the right time so they can provide the best care

46:55 – Powering applications that make a difference

Aaron Patzer was one of the major figures responsible for disrupting the enormous personal finance market. We’re anxious to see the results of his foray now into digital healthcare. Our thanks to Aaron Patzer for joining us on The Redox Podcast.

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