#5 2019 Review and a Look Ahead to 2020

The Redox Podcast

#5 2019 Review and a Look Ahead to 2020

December 31, 2019

#5 2019 Review and a Look Ahead to 2020

2019 was another eventful year for both Redox and the healthcare industry. Redox co-founders Luke Bonney, James Lloyd, and Niko Skievaski discuss a wide range of topics from the company’s remarkable progress in its first five years, notable market activity in the year past, and predictions for 2020 and the new decade ahead. Notable parts of the conversation include:

01:26 – The first five years of Redox

08:40 – Tech giants becoming more active in healthcare 

13:52 – The advantages of Redox being a remote workplace

19:18 – Helping organizations with digital transformation

22:38 – Prediction for 2020 and the decade ahead

Redox wishes everyone a healthy and prosperous 2020. Thank you for listening to the Redox podcast.

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