#3 Microsoft's Dr. Fatima Paruk on The Redox Podcast

The Redox Podcast

#3 Microsoft's Dr. Fatima Paruk on The Redox Podcast

December 9, 2019

#3 Microsoft's Dr. Fatima Paruk on The Redox Podcast

Dr. Fatima Paruk, Microsoft’s Chief Medical Innovation Officer, is on a quest to uncover ways to transform gaps in care into new processes that will improve the lives of millions of patients. Prior to Microsoft, Dr. Paruk was the Chief Medical Officer of Analytics at Allscripts. She has been recognized as one of the Most Powerful Women in Health IT by both Ernst & Young and Health Data Management. She has also been named one of Becker’s Rising Stars Under 40.

Niko Skievaski spoke with Dr. Paruk about the challenges and promises in healthcare today. Topics included:

06:32 – What went wrong with EHRs?

09:42 – Why is interoperability so difficult?

11:47 – A real-world example of the benefits of using longitudinal data.

15:30 – Leading large-scale research at Microsoft and the opportunity to make a significant impact.

17:30 – The difficulty in getting unstructured data from EHRs so it can be utilized for analytic purposes.

21:19 – Dr. Paruk believes this is an innovative and exciting time for healthcare.

Innovators such as Dr. Fatima Paruk are leading the charge to transform healthcare in the 2020s and beyond. Redox shares her enthusiasm and commitment – we look forward to working with her and others in the healthcare community to improve the level of care for patients around the world. Thank you for listening to this episode of The Redox Podcast.

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