#28 Getting paid with Medicaid in THIS economy

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#28 Getting paid with Medicaid in THIS economy

October 14, 2020

#28 Getting paid with Medicaid in THIS economy

Rachel Dixon is an expert in the clinical, operational, and technological implementation of telehealth and other innovative digital health solutions in Medicaid-focused organizations. Rachel has worked across the spectrum of care, successfully designing and implementing programs on behalf of payers, primary care providers, mental health centers, and more. In addition to being the President of Prime Health, Rachel serves Colorado as an eHealth Commissioner.

We discussed various opportunities and strategies for healthcare startups working with the government as well as how telehealth has evolved in Colorado and beyond.

  • 2:10 – Colorado’s COVID-19 telehealth response
  • 7:30 – How vendors should collaborate with public health programs
  • 11:00 – Getting started working with the government
  • 19:27 – Examples of startups getting government funding
  • 20:23 – The future of telehealth parody reimbursement
  • 26:46 – Examining the business of telehealth for large health systems
  • 32:06 – The Prime Health Challenge (link to program)
  • 39:53 – Prime Health Innovation Summit (link to event)

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