#23 Preventing Sepsis with Luminare’s Dr. Sarma Velamuri

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#23 Preventing Sepsis with Luminare’s Dr. Sarma Velamuri

June 29, 2020

#23 Preventing Sepsis with Luminare’s Dr. Sarma Velamuri

Dr. Sarma Velamuri is an Internal Medicine doc, hospitalist, sepsis expert, and co-founder and CEO of Luminare, a company focused on the early detection of sepsis. On this episode, we dive into sepsis detection and prevention, as well as how these systems can work to help prevent the spread of other viral infections, like COVID-19. 

Key Moments

  • 01:39 How sepsis came to the forefront
  • 03:33 Luminare’s tragic founding story
  • 06:35 Alarm fatigue in EHRs and how to overcome it with workflow design
  • 08:54 Luminare’s impact and value proposition
  • 10:56 EHR integration with Redox*
  • 13:07 Pivoting for pandemic response
  • 15:39 Employers utilizing Luminare to screen employees for work
  • 18:03 On safely reopening the economy

*Full disclosure, Luminare is a Redox customer and it gets a little commercially in there for a minute. 😉 

I find Luminare as a great example of a physician-founded startup doing it right, solving the problem through a focus on workflows and market demand. Big thanks to Sarma for taking the time to share his story. Enjoy!

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