#22 COVID’s Impact on Digital Health

The Redox Podcast

#22 COVID’s Impact on Digital Health

June 22, 2020

#22 COVID’s Impact on Digital Health

On Tuesday, we had to layoff 44 Redoxers. That was about 25% of our team. On today’s episode, we’re going to go into the conditions that brought us to this place, how we went about making the decision to reduce the size of the team, and finally how we attach names to that decision. Redox co-founders Luke Bonney (CEO) and Niko Skievaski (President) are joined by board member Raju Rishi. Raju is a general partner at VC firm RRE Ventures and led Redox’s series B in January of 2017. Beyond sharing his perspective on the market and the layoffs he offers some relevant stories from his days as a founder. We thought sharing what we’re going through might be helpful as I know a lot of people in our industry are attempting to figure out how to navigate the waters through recovery. Additionally, Redox is working to place these 44 people at jobs within the industry. Contact [email protected] to learn more.

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