#20 “Powered by Battery” with Redox CEO Luke Bonney

The Redox Podcast

#20 “Powered by Battery” with Redox CEO Luke Bonney

June 9, 2020

#20 “Powered by Battery” with Redox CEO Luke Bonney

Redox CEO Luke Bonney was the featured guest on this week’s episode of Battery Venture’s “Powered by Battery” podcast series. The wide-ranging conversation covers everything from the company’s start as a digital-health incubator in Madison, Wisc. to its current position as an indispensable data exchange platform utilized by healthcare companies of all sizes. Luke also explains the creative ways that customers are using Redox to help in the fight against COVID-19.

02:42 – Redox’s roots; from Madison, WI start-up to remote digital healthcare innovator

06:01 – The need for scaling data integration for Cloud-based applications

08:31 – Helping customers deal with COVID-19

10:39 – How Redox powers telehealth applications 

14:25 – Keeping Redoxers connected, informed and well during COVD-19 – personally and professionally

18:45 – Luke’s four priorities as Redox CEO

21:29 – The biggest unknown today is the economic impact caused by COVID-19 on American healthcare

25:50 – Policy creating tailwinds for interconnected healthcare

28:42 – Three things keeping Luke sane during COVID-19 – family, exercise and relationships 

30:51 – The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people

For more great investor insights, be sure to visit the “Powered by Battery” blog and podcast series.

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