#16 Dr. Roxie Mooney's advice for health tech start-ups

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#16 Dr. Roxie Mooney's advice for health tech start-ups

April 15, 2020

#16 Dr. Roxie Mooney's advice for health tech start-ups

Dr. Roxie Mooney is CEO & Healthcare Innovation Strategist of Legacy DNA, a company that helps health innovators move from idea to full market adoption. Legacy DNA is known for its COIQ System – which is a mash-up of the acronym COI, “commercialization of innovation,”  with IQ. COIQ represents the knowledge and insights that health innovators need to maximize market success. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Roxie has helped to generate marketplace success for a wide range of health and lifestyle companies. She generously shared her insights with Niko Skievaski in this conversation. 

Here are some of the highlights:

02:35 – Being creative and helpful during COVID-19

07:25 – Building an early adoption strategy

15:35 – How to avoid “pilot purgatory”

20:18 – The role health systems play in helping innovators come to market – for better or worse

25:43 – Changes for technology developers as they cope with changing sales cycles

31:40 – What can start-ups do to stay viable during the current economic disruption?

Our thanks to Dr. Roxie Mooney for sharing her expertise with us on The Redox Podcast.

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