#13 The Walking Gallery with Regina Holliday

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#13 The Walking Gallery with Regina Holliday

March 5, 2020

#13 The Walking Gallery with Regina Holliday

Fred Holliday was diagnosed with metastatic kidney cancer in 2010. At one point, his wife Regina asked to see Fred’s medical records. Fred and Regina were astonished by what they experienced – how difficult, and in some cases impossible, it was to access crucial personal health data. Fred passed away in mid-June of that year, at only 39 years old. In one of his final messages, he passed a handwritten note to his wife that read, “Go After Them Regina, Love Fred.”As an artist, Regina was able to express her grief and frustration through her paintings. She was invited to create a mural on the back of a gas station on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, DC. She titled the piece “73 Cents,” because that was the quoted price per page for Fred’s paper medical record. Less than a month after beginning the mural, Regina was talking to members of the US Senate and to reporters around the world. The painting, which can still be seen today in the nation’s capital, helped make patient access to data become a core measure in the Meaningful Use legislation in 2010. From this tragic experience was born “The Walking Gallery.” After the mural became widely known, Regina began painting patient and family stories on the back of jackets and blazers. These stories often come from a place of deep pain; such as the death of a loved one or a chronic condition that they a patient battles every day.  

There are now 466 members wearing jackets painted by 52 artists. Regina herself has painted over 400 jackets! At HIMSS20 next week – and other healthcare events – you’ll see members of the Walking Gallery strolling around the conference.

Niko Skievaski spoke with Regina Holliday about the Walking Gallery and her ongoing quest to ensure patients and families can access data when they need it.

02:11 – Regina’s shocking experience trying to access her husband’s patient data

04:38 – The “horrific” conditions fueled her advocacy

06:22 – An AMA meeting attendee asks for a painted jacket – the start of the Walking Gallery

10:40 – Having access to data is empowering for the patient

18:51 – The “ripple” impact of the Walking Gallery

21:07 – How can people get a painted jacket?

23:32 – If you see someone wearing a Walking Gallery jacket, feel free to ask the person their story 

Regina Holliday travels the globe spreading her message of patient empowerment and inclusion in healthcare decision making. Our thanks to Regina for sharing her story on The Redox Podcast.

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