#1 Jonathan Bush on The Redox Podcast

The Redox Podcast

#1 Jonathan Bush on The Redox Podcast

December 2, 2019

#1 Jonathan Bush on The Redox Podcast

Jonathan Bush is well known in the field of health-tech. He was the co-founder and CEO of athenahealth, a company he led for over 20 years. Today, Jonathan is the executive chairman of Firefly Health. Jonathan joined Niko Skievaski for a lively and wide-ranging conversation. 

Topics included:

  • 03:55 – Where did the dream of the EHR go wrong?
  • 07:05 – Bush’s belief that current EHR systems will become “record-keeping furnaces” that few physicians use – and the ONC’s efforts to promote interoperability.
  • 09:55 – Bringing consumer sovereignty into the healthcare system.
  • 13:20 – On his new company, Firefly Health, which strive to redefine high-quality healthcare.
  • 19:00 – Data privacy issues; especially between employers and employees.
  • 25:35 – Bush’s thoughts on healthcare changes coming in the 2020s.

As always, Jonathan Bush is thoughtful, opinionated, and insightful. We hope you enjoy this inaugural conversation of The Redox Podcast.

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