Can Nurse Practitioners Gain Freedom From the Medical Rat Race?

The Nurse Keith Show

Can Nurse Practitioners Gain Freedom From the Medical Rat Race?

Let's explore cash-based business models for NPs
June 14, 2024

Can Nurse Practitioners Gain Freedom From the Medical Rat Race?

On episode 478 of The Nurse Keith Show nursing and healthcare career podcast, Keith welcomes back Dr. Annie DePasquale of This time, Keith and Dr. Annie discuss the hottest trends in nurse practitioner career paths, especially for cash-based business endeavors like medical aesthetics, weight loss, IV hydration and vitamin infusions, telepsychiatry, and concierge medicine.

Many NPs are wanting more freedom from the healthcare system rat race, and cash-based private practices are one way to circumvent the slog that so many NPs are encountering when working in the mainstream medical system.

Dr. Annie DePasquale, MD is a Board-certified Family Medicine physician who first-hand saw an unmet need for her NP colleagues who need a supervising physician to practice independently.

Dr. DePasquale studied piano & French as an Undergrad at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and completing her Facility Medicine Residency program at Georgetown University in Washington DC. She taught for the Teach America program in Baltimore, MD and worked for Federally Qualified Health Centers in Washington, DC, Medford, OR & Lynchburg, VA.

In 2020, Dr. Annie DePasquale founded Collaborating Docs when she realized how hard it is for NPs to find a collaborating physician. The hoops that nurse practitioners have to jump through to start practicing are too exhausting for anyone to handle alone. Dr. DePasquale benefited greatly from the mentorship of NPs throughout her career, especially when she was a green new grad, so she is very committed to giving back to the community that helped her so much.

Along with her team, Dr. DePasquale’s mission is to make it easy for NPs to help more patients by having the freedom of choice. Collaborating Docs has helped over 4000 NPs match with collaborating physicians.

Please check out Dr. Annie’s previous interview on episode 453 of The Nurse Keith Show, “Where Do Nurse Practitioners Turn When They Need Collaborating Docs?”

Connect with Dr. Annie DePasquale:

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