A Season for Change, More on Music Therapy for Stroke in the News and Next Step Forward Updates

Know Stroke Podcast

A Season for Change, More on Music Therapy for Stroke in the News and Next Step Forward Updates

October 9, 2021

A Season for Change, More on Music Therapy for Stroke in the News and Next Step Forward Updates

About this Episode (S2E2): 

Co-Founders of EnableUs and Co-Hosts of the Know Stroke Podcast Michael Garrow and David Dansereau recap In the News this past week and discuss more great media coverage on music therapy and how things continue rocking and rolling for MedRhythms. A few days after we released this episode, Brian Harris (Co-Founder and CEO) and the team announced a partnership with Universal Music Group. The partnership gives MedRhythms access to UMG’s entire catalog of music!

Be sure to listen to our last episode (S2E1) with Brian if you missed it here:

We also recapped Mike’s great blog post on this music news on our site, read it here:
Walking to the Beat of Music

Besides Mike “getting personal”, then reminding David of his age and need to keep stretching (and then trying his best to cover it up with a compliment of his great podcast voice), the co-hosts got back on track and also reflected on how music moves them,  on the year past and what is hopefully emerging as a Season of Change for stroke survivorship and prevention. Finally, this condensed episode also included previewing future guests to reflect on  lessons have we learned from COVID, what barriers to care still exist and what new ones have emerged, as well as how technology could impact change to support digital care delivery in stroke care and recovery.  Oh and last but not least, in this episode we give a shout out to show gratitude for  our great podcast producer Jake Dansereau for always producing our episodes quickly, with great quality and a great show jingle to broadcast his own music talent too!

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