IT Collaboration in Healthcare with Thanh Tran

The Kidney Connection

IT Collaboration in Healthcare with Thanh Tran

May 2, 2021

IT Collaboration in Healthcare with Thanh Tran

Thanh Tran is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Zoeticx. He is a seasoned, visionary executive with global IT knowledge and a proven track record with startup and turn-around businesses.  Throughout his career, he has held senior technical roles that contributed to business growth and leading-edge innovation. Thanh brings over 25 years of technical and management experience in world-class Fortune 100 Organizations, has authored numerous patents, and is the recipient of multiple industry awards.

Chronic Kidney Disease is a leading precursor to deaths from kidney failure, but preventative care can make a difference with early diagnosis. While the healthcare industry spends a great deal of resources on managing and treating diabetes and hypertension, greater effort should be spent on CKD. Tran offers healthcare solutions that will not only decrease cost to hospitals, but can decrease patient trips to the hospital and improve provider outcomes. For more information, visit

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