Toshka “TK” Nelson, MBA, PMP, CPHQ Portfolio Management Leader

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Toshka “TK” Nelson, MBA, PMP, CPHQ Portfolio Management Leader

July 21, 2020

Toshka “TK” Nelson, MBA, PMP, CPHQ Portfolio Management Leader

Here in episode #75 TK starts our show with a leadership mindset around leaving a legacy; TK walks us through her impressive healthcare career, and doubles down on her legacy mindset with sharing stories from her interactions with the late Mr. Bernard Tyson and the impact of his legacy on her career; TK shares with us a dark moment story connected with always being prepared; She tells with us how she establishes trust and builds 1 to 1 relationships with the teams that she leads; TK highlights the power of mentorship and shares with us a tip that she uses in supporting the professional development of others; TK provides a future vision on why a focus on innovation and change management will lead how we approach healthcare moving forward; She highlights how she leverages her high energy to inspire and do great work; And why cultivating relationships should be a priority in our focus to grow as healthcare professionals

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