Timothy Lee, MPH Innovation Consultant

The Healthcare QualityCast

Timothy Lee, MPH Innovation Consultant

January 14, 2020

Timothy Lee, MPH Innovation Consultant

Here in episode #50, Tim opens our show with a great leadership quote centered around partnerships and longevity; Tim walks us through his career path going from biochemistry and public health, into the world of healthcare strategy, innovation, and analytics; Tim shares with us a very reflective dark moment connected with the people side of lean and quality improvement; He highlights an impressive aha moment the centers on executive presentations and using data to tell a story; He shares why he is personally excited about the chaos and disruption going on in healthcare and why it will result in a more patient-centered industry; Tim does the impossible and walks us through the mindset of a millennial and specifically, what they are looking for from today’s healthcare organizations; And Tim gives a great shout out to mama and papa Lee for the best career advice that he’s ever received.

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