Thomas West LSSMBB, CMQ/OE Improvement Nerd & Podcaster

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Thomas West LSSMBB, CMQ/OE Improvement Nerd & Podcaster

December 22, 2020

Thomas West LSSMBB, CMQ/OE Improvement Nerd & Podcaster

After years of trying to lead individuals through change by telling people what to do, how to do it, and why to do it, Tom received feedback that shook his world. He realized he was doing it all wrong. Although the teams he led were getting results, one thing was obvious, they weren’t having fun and there was no passion.

By committing to starting with why and helping people to experience joy at work, Tom has been blessed to see transformational change happen at the individual level and organizational level. As Tom puts it, “change is a personal decision to do something different. “

Tom shares that he is completely addicted to seeing the lightbulb go off in people’s heads when they realized they have had the answer all along. It was just buried beneath a bad process and a lack of tools and supportive culture to bring the idea forward. In Tom’s experience, empowering people to share their ideas and to get behind other people’s ideas is the secret sauce to organizations achieving breakthrough outcomes. In organizations where the best idea wins, good things happen for everyone involved. It all starts with giving people the tools, the skills, and the confidence they need to make and lead change.

Here in Episode #97, Tom starts our show with two classic Deming quotes that resonate tremendously in today’s healthcare environment.

He places an early call to action for health care leaders to continue investing in their improvement capabilities.

Tom is a multi-talented healthcare professional, and shares highlights from his background and how that led to his transition into his own business practice.

We learn the insights on the naming conventions connected to the work that he’s leading.

Tom gives us an overview of Design Thinking and shares 3 key points that every healthcare leaders should know about this improvement technique.

He gives us a great new acronym around the meaning have the word F.A.I.L.

Tom shares a few Design Thinking examples that expand on its value proposition.

He highlights patient Journey Maps as a highly resourceful tool for quality people to plugin with.

Tom and I nerd out about the Malcolm Baldrige program, and explain why it hurts so good.

He challenges us all to evolve into movement makers.

And Tom shares how he prioritizes significance over success.

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