Stephen Weller, MBA, MM Lean Operations Consultant

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Stephen Weller, MBA, MM Lean Operations Consultant

August 25, 2020

Stephen Weller, MBA, MM Lean Operations Consultant

As a quality improvement professional and historian, Stephen starts our episode #80 with a quote from the Father of Scientific Management; Stephen shares with us his background going from manufacturing, and into lean operations coaching and consulting for operating rooms; Total side note, but Stephen has authored and co-authored several lean related manuscripts, but his latest book titled “The Progressive Machine” is an absolute must to add to your collection; Stephen shares an aha moment teaching us that you can’t be successful by yourself; Stephen highlights a great tip around not carrying the burden of an unsuccessful team and give a great overview of project team dynamics; Shares an aha moment taken from his project experience in reducing process variation in the operating room; Stephen shares why he’s excited about healthcare systems consolidating their EHRs into a single source; Stephen highlights a passion for healthcare improvement as a key trait for healthcare leaders; And Stephen introduces us to one of his most important healthcare mentors.

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