Stacy Melvin, MBA, LSSGB, PMP VP of Project Management & Process Improvement

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Stacy Melvin, MBA, LSSGB, PMP VP of Project Management & Process Improvement

March 30, 2021

Stacy Melvin, MBA, LSSGB, PMP VP of Project Management & Process Improvement

Stacy Melvin brings nearly 20 years of leadership experience to the podcast, having served in both operations and corporate executive roles at the largest academic, non-profit, health system in the Gulf South.

Stacy has built high-performance teams and led complex organizational change and holds her MBA, PMP, Lean Green Belt, and AIM change management certification. Stacy is currently the VP of the Project Management Office with responsibility for 40 strategic program and process improvement managers working to make her health care better, safer, and more affordable. Stacy also serves as an Adjunct Instructor for Loyola University in New Orleans and is a leadership coach.

Here in Episode #111, Stacy starts our show with a leadership mindset for us to slow down and think. Stacy walks us through her career and highlights how both project management and process improvement remained common connectors along her path. She highlights a day in the life of a healthcare executive, and how she works to balance the right resources, on the right project, at the right time.

Stacy shares a dark moment story getting us to reflect on being the right people for the right job. She gives us a key nugget around what to ask before taking our next job. She tags us all with new responsibilities as Moral Managers. We discuss why “real recognize real”. Stacy tells us why she can “show us better than she can tell us”. She reflects on how the work of improvement professionals can impact staff burnout. Stacy calls for healthcare leaders to create more relaxed team cultures. She shares her best career advice ever. And Deb Grimes, watch your seat!

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