Shernette Kydd, PhD, MBA, CLSSMBB, CPHQ, LBC Asst. Vice President, System Effectiveness

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Shernette Kydd, PhD, MBA, CLSSMBB, CPHQ, LBC Asst. Vice President, System Effectiveness

February 9, 2021

Shernette Kydd, PhD, MBA, CLSSMBB, CPHQ, LBC Asst. Vice President, System Effectiveness

Dr. Shernette Kydd is a certified Lean Sensei, Six Sigma Black belt, and Lean Six Sigma Master Black belt with over 20 years of experience in operational excellence, which started with Green Belt and Black belt certification at General Electric.

Currently she serves as the Assistant Vice President of System Effectiveness at Cook Children’s Healthcare System (CCHCS) in Fort Worth, TX, and supports 8,000+ employees in the areas of Process Improvement, Operational Excellence and Healthcare Innovation.

Shernette is also an Adjunct Professor in the Industrial, Manufacturing & Systems Engineering Department at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), in Arlington, TX.

Her commitment to our country, quality and learning has empowered her to serve in the capacity of a Malcolm Baldrige examiner since 2018, where she assists corporations on their performance improvement journey.

With a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and M.B.A., and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, Shernette has also worked as a high school teacher, for seven years where she had the wonderful, and unforgettable opportunity to teach students in grades 10th- 12th Basic and Advanced Level Math and Science subjects.

Her team at CCHCS is committed to sharing Operational Excellence principles outside of the company as well through their annual community service events that take them into local classrooms to introduce students to the principles of Lean and continuous improvement.

Here in episode #104 Dr. Kydd starts our show with a focus for us to appreciate how processes work, and how well the process works; Shernette’s highlights her incredibly diverse background that includes engineering, business, executive leadership, and teaching; it’s a few weeks old now, but Shernette shares a hot off the press exclusive for our podcast; she highlights a dark moment story calling for us to meet teams right where they are on their QI journey;

We talk Baldrige and why it’s so important to healthcare teams today; Shernette shares how she leverages “vent sessions” to build trust on project teams; she shares an Aha moment, encouraging us focus on developing our coaching skills; Gives us her best practice tips for teaching QI principles; Shernette shares why the future of healthcare will revolve around AI; she tells us why every leader needs to be flexible in the goals; and closes our shows with a message of perseverance.

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