Sheena Butts, MEM, CLSSBB, Associate Vice President

The Healthcare QualityCast

Sheena Butts, MEM, CLSSBB, Associate Vice President

December 3, 2019

Sheena Butts, MEM, CLSSBB, Associate Vice President

Here in Episode #44, Sheena starts our show with an Einstein quote that centers us around our value proposition as both people and healthcare professionals; Sheena walks us through her career path, moving from a high school math teacher, into a healthcare industrial engineer intern; and into her current role as an associate vice president; Sheena shares a great dark moment story that led to her shifting her mindset around how to make improvements, who gets the credit, and how she sets a ‘lets just try it’ culture with her team; She shares her AHA moment connected with deploying Gemba walks throughout her organization; and describes the qualities within the leadership approach needed to make it happen; Listen closely as she highlights the incentive programs implemented at her facility to recognize sustainable success in safety and operational excellence. 

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