Robert Kluttz, Head of Quality & Transformation

The Healthcare QualityCast

Robert Kluttz, Head of Quality & Transformation

March 3, 2020

Robert Kluttz, Head of Quality & Transformation

Here in episode #57 Robert starts our show with a quote from the great philosopher, Mike Tyson; and shares an additional quote that encourages us to go all in with our transformation work; Robert shares his career story and the impressive path on how a Yank ended up in Australia; He reveals an all too familiar dark moment story when placed in the struggle to implement local optimizations versus system level improvements; He shares great insight on why relationship building is vital to our success when working within project teams; We haven’t talked much about this in past episodes, but Robert provides a great overview on the power of change management and an introduction of the ADKAR change model; Robert shares a unique aha moment that involves jigsaw puzzles in a waiting room; Robert tells us why he is excited about wearable technology and the impact that it can have on quality and patient safety; Robert give a poignant response when asked what the healthcare industry can do to attract talented professionals; How the power of reflection helps to keep him grounded as a quality leader; And be sure to stick around past the outro as Robert introduces us to the Australian healthcare system.

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