Richard Zane, MD Chief Innovation Officer

The Healthcare QualityCast

Richard Zane, MD Chief Innovation Officer

February 4, 2020

Richard Zane, MD Chief Innovation Officer

And here in episode #53, Dr. Zane starts our show by quoting two of the most polarizing leaders of our era; Dr. Zane shares with us his impressive background and walks us through the day in the life of a chief innovation officer; He highlights a professional dark moment story connected with providing care to an undocumented citizen and how that moment has guided his path as a healthcare leader; He outlines the importance of building a world-class team and highlights guiding principles on a past organizational transformation with his team; He describes an amazing aha moment that exemplifies the power of going to the Gemba; We get first-hand insight to an innovation expert’s view of upcoming changes across the healthcare industry; Dr. Zane delivers an insane amount of value sharing a range of tips on upcoming innovations and policy changes guaranteed to impact the future course of healthcare.

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