Rekha Voruganti MBOE, LSSBB Sr. Quality Improvement Services Coordinator

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Rekha Voruganti MBOE, LSSBB Sr. Quality Improvement Services Coordinator

April 13, 2021

Rekha Voruganti MBOE, LSSBB Sr. Quality Improvement Services Coordinator

Rekha Voruganti currently serves as the Sr. Quality Improvement Services Coordinator at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio born, she and her son are born and bred buckeyes!

By training, Rekha holds a Bachelor of Science in Evolution and Human Ecology, and Masters of Business Operational Excellence, both from THE Ohio State University. She is also a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and truly finds joy in helping staff and teams connect back to their purpose through problem-solving and collaboration.

Here in Episode #113 Rekha starts our show with encouragement for us to be the facilitators and decision support for our teams. Rekha shares how an intro course ignited her current path into healthcare quality. She provides a great overview of the empowering concepts of health literacy; and shares a dark moment story centering us to first add value to our teams. Rekha teaches us how she incorporates stakeholder meetings into her leader standard work.

She shares tips for managing stakeholder expectations in the virtual world. Rekha teaches us the power of the phrase, “how can I do better”. She shares an AHA moment, allowing her to find true success with her team. Rekha tells why health literacy and health equity are top of mind for her. Why we speak her future responsibility as a Hospital Board leader into the universe. And why we all should go slow to go fast.

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