Patrick Hennessy, MPH Senior Consulting Director – Part 1

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Patrick Hennessy, MPH Senior Consulting Director – Part 1

May 12, 2020

Patrick Hennessy, MPH Senior Consulting Director – Part 1

Here in Episode #66 Patrick starts our show with highlighting how he creates a miracle morning; He walks us through his impressive healthcare leadership career path, emphasizing the impact that a little bit of career planning can have; Patrick shares a dark moment story connected with successfully leading teams and direct reports through project deliverables; Patrick teaches us what happens when you, shut up and listen; He encourages us as leaders to learn and respect our personal weaknesses; He shares how he leverages icebreakers and assessments to build strong teams; He highlights two very far out career aha moments, that would truly make a Mouseketeer happy; Patrick spotlights partnerships between insurance agencies and healthcare providers as an industry trend that he’s excited about, and how healthcare needs a huge mind shift when it comes to it competitive environments, And gives his #1 career advice that is sure to apply to every leader across every level of the industry.

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