Niejadd Evans, MBA, CHC, Chief Compliance Officer

The Healthcare QualityCast

Niejadd Evans, MBA, CHC, Chief Compliance Officer

March 31, 2020

Niejadd Evans, MBA, CHC, Chief Compliance Officer

Here in Episode #61 Niejadd Starts our show with a quote from the late great Maya Angelou and connects it with the golden rule of life; Niejadd walks us through his career path leading up to his current role as Chief compliance officer within a start-up Insurance Company; Niejadd shares details on what it takes to grow and develop as a healthcare compliance professional; As our first official HBCU alumni, Niejadd highlights his experience attending a historically black college; He shares a career story connected with keeping his team together in the face of impending layoffs, and we learn the powerful impact of transparent and authentic leadership; Niejadd aligns doing good work, knowing your audience, and treating people right as key tips for developing intimate teams; He gives us a great look inside the world of auditing and compliance; He shares a career aha moment that teaches us to not underestimate the power of our Networks, And we take a moment to Spotlight the professional lifestyles based around remote work and the gig economy.

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